First Call Nursing Services provides hospitals with cost- effective temporary staffing which allows your company to maintain quality patient care, even during staffing shortages.

  • Our experienced licensed nurses have specialized skillsets in specialty areas ranging from labor and delivery (L&D), intensive care unit (ICU), to the emergency department (ER). 
  • Our staff has undergone a thorough pre-employment screening process including background check, competency tests and skills checklist. This allows us to select well qualified healthcare professionals who can provide quality care to their patients. 
  • Our licensed nurses are available for per diem (PRN), short-term and long-term assignments.

Call (408) 262-1533 to inquire about how FCNS can help you meet your temporary staffing needs.



Why you should hire First Call Nursing Services for all your nurse and allied health staffing  needs

New healthcare professionals are increasingly needed across the healthcare sector. If you’re a hospital, a private practice or company that needs support in recruiting nurses, it’s a good idea to use a skilled, experienced third-party RN staffing agency that is specialized in your field. We have the pool of top-level professionals that you need to fill in the gaps.

We work everyday with different local hospitals, Doctor offices, Surgery Centers, Hospice Organizations, Rehabilitation Centers, Home Health Agencies, Assisted Living Centers and more..